In this episode we talk to Rachel Walker-Mason about her passion for raising awareness for Postpartum Depression, as well as her recent win for best song at Cannes Film Festival. We also talk to Gurdas Singh, son of Avtar Singh, a sikh priest who was senselessly attacked and left for dead in Manchester.

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C U Next Tuesday Chris

In this this show Chris wants to know…
(1) Which of the four Grumpy Gits has the worst musical taste.
(2) If the Grumpy Gits were all single, who would be the first and last to get into a meaningful relationship based on personality alone.
(3) Weird question – a Grumpy Git has been bitten by a poisonous snake between their buttocks and inner thigh – who do they choose to suck out the venom?

Dear Grumpy Gits

Everyone has problems… the section of the show where we fix your woes. In this show we help out a poor soul who inadvertently exposed himself whilst astride a motorbike. What could he have done to turn this situation in to a win – or at least with no loss of face. Our Grumpy Git discuss.

Rachel Walker Mason Plus live recorded performance!

Adam and Duncan bend the ear of Rachel Walker Mason – award winning songwriter and mental health champion. They discuss music, mental health, post-natal depression and wrap up with a live rendition of ‘Drown Without Water’ the award-winning track. Full interview here…

Disability Expo News Update

An interview with Gurdas Singh

Duncan joins Gurdas Singh to discuss a serious, albeit sombre, event that took part in Manchester UK. A senseless and racially motivated attack on Gurdas’s father, a peaceful and gentle man, that left a family and community reeling. Was justice served and can personal faith be restored in humanity? Full interview here…

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