Presented by Adam Pearson, Simon Sansome, Chris Leasmith and Duncan Casburn ( ), The Grumpy Gits are putting the world to rights on a regular basis, discussing everything from disability… to the stupidest of questions

In this episode:

  • The Grumpy Gits take a trip to Love Island and ask the question – is reality TV just entertainment, or is it damaging by setting unrealistic expectations on our kids.
  • Have you heard of Katharine Birbalsingh? Tauted as “The UK’s strictest headmistress” we ask…is she really a refreshing take on education – or is she a nightmare for special educational needs and disability (SEND) kids?
  • Next for the chopping block is travel and disability and the mayhem currently happening around the world for travellers.
  • We talk to Sunflower – the hidden disability scheme designed to help ease the stress of travel.
  • We lift the lid on the disability sex industry and examine what new law’s may mean for it.
  • All this, along with your tweets, and the craziest stupid questions yet.


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Hannah Harris Interview

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