In this episode we have a chat about the digital dumpster fire – Twitter! What is going on with Elon and what is he trying to achieve? Channel 4 TV celeb and anti-bullying campaigner Kelly Waite joins us to discuss what is going on with her life, to discuss disability and let us know what she is currently involved with. She, Him, Her, His, Them, They… Our four Grumpy Gits get their heads wrapped around pronouns and discuss why Eddie Izzard is in the news. All this and your usual favourites with Dear Grumpy Gits and See You Next Tuesday Chris.

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C U Next Tuesday Chris

In this this show Chris wants to know…
(1) Rate the Grumpy Gits from one to four in terms of their IQ.
(2) In a post-apocalyptic zombie outbreak – which of the Grumpy Guts would they choose of the four hosts to become leader charged with keeping everyone safe?
(3) You have been cast along with one other host in the movie ‘Brokeback Mountain’… which host would you choose to join you in the ‘Tent Scene’?

Dear Grumpy Gits

Everyone has problems… the section of the show where we fix your woes. In this show we help out a couple with their ghostly yet noisy coitial bedtime problems.

Is Twitter going up in flames?

We discuss Twitter and Elon Musk. What do our hosts feel about this digital dumpster fire, $8 dollar legitimacy ticks and is it the end of the platform?

Kelly Waite Interview

Adam and Duncan bend the ear of Kelly Waite. Kelly is a passionate anti-bullying champion, star of various Channel Four TV programs and has a new documentary out that shines a light on ‘Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders’.

The Voice Within:
Bullies Out:

Eddie Izzard and Pronouns

Our hosts do their best not to get their pronouns in a twist. This week we discuss the news that Eddie Izzard has decided to stand for parliament and wishes to be referred to as She and Her. Predictably this has brought out the worst with right wing journalists and social media trolls. Out hosts discuss.