Join your favourite Grumpy Gits in another great show full of innuendo, experimental uses of LEGO, interviews and discussion.

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* C U Next Tuesday Chris *
In this this show Chris wants to know…

1) Who fancies themselves to replace Liz Truss and which of the hosts they consider to be most like a Tory/Conservative!
2) The hosts have lost all their teeth… which Grumpy Git would they choose to chew their food and then feed them. YUCK
3) Which of the Grumpy Gits is most likely to put their lives at risk and rush into a burning building to rescue someone and be a superhero!

* Dear Grumpy Gits *
Everyone has problems… the section of the show where we fix your woes.

This week we help, a not so, anonymous viewer with an unplanned presentation faux pas and how to demonstrate the use of general disability adaptations for sexual gratification. Out hosts go down a rabbit hole made of LEGO and things go South!

* Interview – Carrie and David Grant – SEND Warrior Parents *
Carrie and David Grant are BAFTA award-winning broadcasters, vocal coaches, leadership coaches and campaigners. Their TV and music career has spanned over 35 years, and they have been awarded a MOBO award and a BASCA for their lifetime services to the music industry.

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* Interview – Disability Expo 2023 *
Jade Godier and Kate Peskett join us for a chat and discuss next year’s Disability Expo (out amazing show sponsors) that will be held at ExCeL in London on the 6th and 7th of July. This will be the UK’s leading person-focused event for people with lived experience of disability. Disability Expo will offer relevant services, products and information – empowering you with the tools you need to improve your quality of life. #imatter

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* Care System Failures for the Disability Community *
On the back of Tommy Jessop’s (Line of Duty) BBC Panorama expose on failures of healthcare for people with disabilities – we have an open floor discussion with regards to treatment and being treated no differently to anyone else.