Presented by Adam Pearson, Simon Sansome, Chris Leasmith and Duncan Casburn ( ), The Grumpy Gits are putting the world to rights on a regular basis, discussing everything from disability… to the stupidest of questions

In this episode of The Grumpy Gits:

  • The boys talk to the UK’s first deaf/blind doctor, Alexandra Adams about ableism, becoming a doctor, and some of the funniest travel stories ever told.
  • The chaps dissect the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard trial, and the ramifications to the me too campaign, and the dangers of naming the accused in such cases.
  • We also talk to Emma Storr, editor in chief of Enable Magazine, about the magazine and what inspires them in supporting the disabled community.
  • The cost of living crisis gets examined, looking at the government payouts and what families actually need, as well as the affects on the disabled community.
  • All this, along with your tweets, and the craziest stupid questions yet.

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Full interview (@PDA Dad UK – Understand Autism and PDA)


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Enable Magazine Sophia Morgan
Martin Dougan interview
SuperTanskiii Interview

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