The Grumpy Gits are back and in this hilarious episode we bring you our signature style humour and entertaining content. Join us for the latest Grumpy Gits Show and remember… #DontBeGrumpyAlone

Strictly Come Dancing:
Are the media punching down with news that Ellie Simmonds, the first ever contestant with Dwarfism, is to appear on the show? We discuss the rotten and ableist backlash that has raised its ugly head in the UK media.

Deadpool 3:
We discuss the exciting news of Deadpool 3 as it quickly unravels into a debate about #ryanreynolds acting skills – spoiler alert – Simon’s wrong!

Dear Grumpy Gits:
A listener has written to us and done us proud. This week’s Dear Grumpy Gits segment sees us get a letter with way too much information! We are asked to resolve a very embarrassing toilet faux pas! At what point do you draw the line and refuse to be your mates’ wingman/teammate?

Simon Says:
In this show, Simon brings ‘Carers Allowance’ to the table. A payment, in the UK, that assists a friend or a family member care for a loved one. Is it a pittance? Should it be increased? If it is taxed then surely it is paid employment and attract a minimum wage! So … Carer’s Allowance – is it a crime of unappreciation and what so we do about it?