In this episode The Grumpy Gits take a trip to Love Island and ask the question - is reality TV just entertainment, or is it damaging by setting unrealistic expectations on our kids. Have you heard of Katharine Birbalsingh? Tauted as "The UK's strictest headmistress" we she really a refreshing take on education - or is she a nightmare for special educational needs and disability (SEND) kids? Next for the chopping block is travel and disability and the mayhem currently happening around the world for travellers. We talk to Sunflower - the hidden disability scheme designed to help ease the stress of travel. We lift the lid on the disability sex industry and examine what new law's may mean for it. All this, along with your tweets, and the craziest stupid questions yet.

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Depp vs Heard, Deaf/Blind Doctor, Cost of Living Crisis

In this episode of The Grumpy Gits the boys talk to the UK's first deaf/blind doctor, Alexandra Adams about ableism, becoming a doctor, and some of the funniest travel stories ever told. The chaps dissect the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard trial, and the ramifications to the me too campaign, and the dangers of naming the accused in such cases. We also talk to Emma Storr, editor in chief of Enable Magazine, about the magazine and what inspires them in supporting the disabled community.

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YouTube Episode: Voter ID, Koalaa Prosthetics, Stickman Communications

The Grumpy Gits are back, getting to the important disability issues with their usual irreverent style. This week the boys discuss voter ID’s, talk with Koalaa Prosthetics about their unique approach to a tricky market, look at Stickman Communications awesome artworks, and look at the new disability app Snowball! This and all our usual antics, including stupid questions, what happens next, and get all the latest Naidex News!

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