Presented by Adam Pearson, Simon Sansome, Chris Leasmith and Duncan Casburn ( ), The Grumpy Gits are putting the world to rights on a regular basis, discussing everything from disability… to the stupidest of questions

In this episode:

  • Is Andrew Tate a misogynist jerk or free speech victim? Can a dolphin be sexy? Are people using airport assistance when able bodied ableist? Is the Don’t Pay movement going to hurt greedy energy companies, or harm desperate people? These are just a few of life’s issues tackled this episode by The Grumpy Gits! We look at the Andrew Tate social media bans and ask, while he’s dangerous and extreme, is banning him an assault on free speech?
  • Our brand new segment “Dear Grumpy Gits” we hear the tragic tale of a man who’s love for dolphins may have cost him his marriage!
  • We talk to arthritis specialists Grace and Able and look at their amazing range of fashion conscious arthritis aids.
  • We look into the growing trend of booking airport assistance to avoid waiting times.
  • And let’s not forget the Don’t Pay movement – is this really going to stop the energy crisis or simply hurt credit ratings and cause more problems?
  • All this and your usual favourites, including See You Next Tuesday questions and all our usual banter and BS. So join us for the latest Grumpy Gits Show and remember… #Don’t be Grumpy Alone!


Grace and Able:
Arthr (UK)