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The worlds most popular independent disability show. Brought to you by your four favourite Grumpy Gits’; Adam Pearson, Marin Dougan, Chris Leasmith, and Duncan Casburn.

Tune-in as we put the world to rights on a show by show basis. On each show we give you our take on topical issues affecting disability,  have an occasional political moan and sometimes bring you breaking news about explosions in ‘Petits Filous’ factories. Often we bring guests onto the show to be interviewed and we are proud to have hosted Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge), Greg Butler (Fallen State) and Paralympic Medallists Liz Wright and Aaron Phipps.

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Your Grumpy Hosts

Adam Pearson - The Grumpy Gits

The anchorman and binding gel to the other three hosts (whether they agree or not)… Some of you may recognise Adam Pearson as the ‘Commando from Nandos‘… editors note… we mean from the television films, drama and documentaries (he’s got one of those faces). The Presenter, Actor, Campaigner and slightly above average Podcast Host who can regularly be found at one of his many nerdy hangout spots in sunny sunny Croydon, South London.

Chris Leasmith - The Grumpy Gits

Chris is a proud father of two fantastic children, one being autistic. A self professed avid gamer – who endeavours to keep the real value of how much he spends on this pastime a secret from his wife (editors note: Chris – divorce is much more expensive).  Chris gets a kick out of starting fights between the other three Grumpy Gits and strives to ‘put the cat amongst the pigeons’ in each show. Not only is he grumpy but is miserable at the best of times – once called by Adam Pearson ‘A right mard’y bastard‘.

Duncan Casburn - The Grumpy Gits

Duncan is an Australian, so you’ll have to read this bio slowly so he can keep up. Loving father to an autistic daughter & husband to a neurodivergent wife – Duncan has become an advocate for the SEND community through his Caring Role and his YouTube channel: PDA Dad UK. Duncan is also an Ambassador for The PDA Society, DIAS, Devon Carers and The Parent Carer Forum. Duncan is also a passionate musician – his neighbours state: “He’s loud, not talented”.

Martin Dougan - Grump Git

Martin – is a BBC Newsround and Scottish TV presenter. Born with cerebral palsy and was the former captain of Glasgow’s wheelchair basketball team. In 2012 he was a commentator for the Paralympics & also an Olympic Torch Bearer. In 2013 he featured in Channel 4’s prank show, I’m Spazticus, challenging the public view on disability. In 2019, he was a reporter on the Australian Children’s news programme – Behind the News. He joined The Grumpy Gits Show in 2023. He has real issues saying ‘burglar alarm’ because of his strong Glaswegian accent.

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